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My name is Zibeon Fielding, I’m 25 and hail from Mimili, a remote Indigenous community situated in the far north-west region of South Australia on the Anangu Pitjantjatjara Yankunytjatjara Lands (APY). I am a father, runner, health worker and Indigenous man working towards a healthier, happier community in my home of the remote APY lands.




I was one of 12 selected participants to run the New York City Marathon with the Indigenous Marathon Project under world champion Robert De Castella in 2016. In 2018 I ran the Boston Marathon with the support of the philanthropist organisation, the Epic Good Foundation, and organised an ultramarathon of 62kms from the neighbouring community Indulkana to Mimili. The ultramarathon raised over $50,000 to support Purple House in Alice Springs to fund dialysis services for the APY. My goal was to help raise enough money for Purple House so that people living away from community because they suffer from chronic kidney failure can return to their communities and still get the treatment they need. And, with the support of South Australian Film Corporation, I had the opportunity to personally direct a documentary called Running 62 which we will be touring to the communities with the intention of inspiring the next generation (and older community members too) to get running!




As a health practitioner I’m at the forefront; every day I see many people on the edge of developing diseases at a young age and dying from chronic problems such as renal failure. These people are the friends, parents and children I’ve grown up with. I want to promote a healthy lifestyle and positive change in the community through the running and exercise culture.

The dream is to build a community gym – giving the young people a place to gather, an activity to do and employment opportunities as personal trainers and staff. The community gym is an idea the students of Mimili School came up with.




The 62km ultramarathon was a huge mental and physical challenge. I now have another goal ahead of me and set the challenge to be the first man to ride around the entire APY Lands from the Stuart highway in South Australia along the outskirts of the Northern Territory and Western Australian border to my home town Mimili. Over seven days, from the 15th -21st of April 2019. Around 700km in total.


On the final day I’ll ride into Mimili to finish the race and celebrate with the community. Along the way will stop off in the community to talk to school kids about health, nutrition and exercise and how to become young, strong, independent leaders for their family, community and culture.  

As well as training to do the epic bike ride I’m ALSO training to run Tokyo Marathon 2019 on March 3rd, my third major marathon (sponsor; )   


We aim to raise $30,000 dollars to help build the community gym.


My latest challenge, Running 62 is a testament to my determination to inspire my community to get healthy. I want to continue challenging myself, and bringing the community along with me, promoting a healthy lifestyle and working for positive change for our people and the future. I aim to be a man with a responsibility who’s driven by his purposes to make change and inspire.

I’m reaching out to you for support to help fund a community gym. I hope you’ll donate to the cause, and join me on this EPIC bike journey (virtually, over the internet) around the beautiful APY Lands.




Zib x


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Theo Ellenbroek $53.00 Heard about your inspirational stuff - I think this is a great cause for the betterment and health of all your APY people. Congratulations and best wishes for what you're doing. Have you got that gym now? .
Anonymous $1,060.00 Wonderful work Zibeon. Keep working on those great ideas. Another Mercedes Old Scholar.
Elliot Roberts $106.00 Too much bro. Keep up the good work. You are a legend.
Tina and Barry Wakelin $106.00 Congratulations Zibeon - a wonderful effort. (Tina and Barry Wakelin from Kimba)
Sharon and Steve Wallace-Yarrow $106.00
Lesley Rawlings $500.00 Great to see the impact on your local community.
Gary Slade $106.00
Peter Wilkinson $318.00 Zibeon, your inspirational leadership motivates me to support your efforts and invest in the wellbeing of the APY community. Thankyou & ABCTV news for great coverage & creating awareness. PeterW
Matthew Pickett $106.00 All the very best APY
Ace Coote $53.00 Inspirational Zibeon - you are making a positive difference to people's lives.
Loretta Buchhorn $53.00 Congratulations on the success of your wonderful initiative, Zibeon!!
Jodie Bishop $149.46 You are really inspiring!
Anonymous $20.00 Best wishes. You are an amazing guy.
mark dudart $53.00 go Zibeon and go APY people. give thought to a regular tour de APY for others to sign up to as an ongoing fundraiser
Lorraine Dixon $106.00 Zideon you are such an inspiration. We should all be supporting your dream for your people. Best of luck in all your endeavour.
Terry Hemmings $106.00 Well done, we stand in awe of you !!
Anonymous $15.00
Kate Ralton $53.00 Inspiring, well done!
Elaine Stiles $31.80 fantastic effort to do something positive under such difficult terrain. Hats off to you Zibeon.
NORLELA MOHAMED $53.00 Best wishes in your journey.
Anonymous $50.00
Anonymous $53.00 All power, strength and good will to you.
Maggie Lennon $31.80 I wish I could give more. Thank you for doing this.
Tom McAlinden $53.00 What an amazing initiative that should be shared more widely, great job Zibeon.
Leigh Thomson $53.00 We found your story inspiring; keep up the amazing work!
Patrick D’Arcy $1,060.00
Terri Van Lamoen $106.00 Fantastic inspirational idea - good luck
Anonymous $106.00 Epic effort!
Peta MacKinnon $21.20 Home stretch Zib - inspiring and EPIC effort!
Fiona Lange $53.00 A gym will be fantastic Go Zib!
Teresa Burgess $53.00
Christine Norton $26.50 Well done and best wishes on achieving your goals ??
Andrew Griffiths $53.00 Andy Griffiths (eye team) is most jealous of your ride. Next time I'll join you just to keep you honest! See you in a few weeks for our next visit. Good luck!
Clare Robertson $106.00
Paul Anderson $53.00
Jon Milne $53.00
Amanda Tsoundarou $53.00
Mark Mussared $106.00 Good luck with the Epic Tour!
David Geoffrey Hall $53.00
Warren Vosper $53.00
Sophie Miller $21.20 Good luck mate.
Malcolm Olle $58.06 Have Fun
Fiona WearingSmith $53.00 Go Zibi, you always inspiring and doing things for your community, you’re an absolute legend.
Richard Sarkies at-running $26.50 Fantastic work Zibeon, hope the ride goes well
Joey Fagan $53.00 Looking forward to Bikes Palya getting behind your great initiative and helping to spread the healthy message!
Beverley Fyfe $21.20
Laura Sharley $53.00 You’re amazing Zibby! all those early morning training sessions and hard work you’ve put in will be worth it! So inspiring how far you will go (literally) to help the health of others!
Luk Peeters $21.20 Great initiative!
Anonymous $21.20
Mark Ashburn $106.00 Inspirational stuff!
Morgan Hitchcock $53.00
John Hender $53.00 What a great ride, inspirational stuff, go Zibeon, uwa palya
Andrew Reid $100.00 I love everything you are doing great man. You’re a pioneer, never give up!!
Lisa Walton $53.00 Great stuff!
Andy O'Connor $53.00
Alistair Cowan $53.00
Mariana Foganhole $5.30
Georgina Hannaford $21.20 Go Zib, I'll be doing my own 700k ride in early May from Adelaide to Flinders Rangers, mainly on roads though so a much easier trip!. I'm working with kids in Coober Pedy April 21st adn 22nd (then Oodnadatta and then Marree) it would be great if you could come and share your inspiring story. I can employ you! Call me on 0408192279 if you are interested, I'll tell you all about it!
Andrew schultz $50.00
Kate Butler $5.00
Andrew Bennie $106.00 Great idea to build a gym, great way to raise money! From the Bennie family
Sue O'Donnell $106.00 Best wishes for the ride and setting up the gym.
Toby Tracy $10.60
Anonymous $53.00
Margaret Hurley $1,000.00 Tremendous goal. Good luck. I look forward to hearing more about your achievements! Cheers Margaret Hurley
Peter Hurley $1,060.00 Stay safe Zibeon
Amy and Tom $106.00 Go Zib! You continue to be such a strong role model for Anangu children. Keep up the amazing work! Amy and Tom xx
Anonymous $50.00
Belinda Petherick $53.00 Congratulations Stuart, Matt and Zib. Awesome achievement!
Kate Kearns $100.00 Great listening to you speak in Tokyo Zib. How inspiring!
Stephen Thompson $106.00 EPIC effort Stuart & Zibeon - congratulations!
Pitcher Partners $1,060.00 Great PB in Tokyo Zib and good luck with the bike ride
Cassandra OBrien $53.00 All the very best!
Ciarán Ebbs $106.00 Well done Matt, Stuart and Zibeon on completing the marathon!
Daniel Abrahams $106.00
Emma Isaacs $106.00 Go you good thing! Em
Stephen Yates $53.00 Nice work Zibeon would love to do that ride some day.
Anthony Crilly $250.00 Congratulations on a fantastic result, well done. You have made many people very proud! regards Tony Crilly
Matt Suckling $159.00 King!
Anonymous $21.20
Christine Bruderlin $53.00 Good luck, hope you get the gym.
Anonymous $53.00 Great stuff. Good luck!
Cameron Wallace $21.20 Great idea and a great cause.
Nganampa Health Council $1,000.00
Steve Bell $31.80 The difference u can start will hopefully have a ripple effect in Anangu now and in the future.
Jaeger O'Meara $265.00 Good luck Zib!
Scott Horsburgh $53.00
Georgina Whelan $53.00 Wishing you all the best of success
Russell Hill $53.00
Janet Davill $53.00
Stewart Wyer $53.00
Anonymous $15.00 Awesome work!
Jonathon Ceglar $250.00
ricky henderson $318.00 Love your work
Olivia King $21.20
Luke Maccheron $106.00 Good work Man
David Pryor $106.00
Liam Shiels $265.00 Well done Legends!! #Ringwhat
Isaac Smith $265.00 Goodluck and Enjoy running with Brisbane’s fittest boss
Jack Gunston $265.00
Jordan Lewis $265.00 Good luck mate.
James Sicily $159.00 S
Jarryd Roughead $267.86
Luke Hodge $530.00 Good luck Zib, great effort mate.
Daniel Howe $530.00 Inspiring stuff! All the best with it!!
Luke Breust $266.06 All the best Zib. Ride like the wind ??
Michael Christie $106.00
Anonymous $50.00
Sean Flynn $212.00 Your legs are steel springs, ready to hurl you down the track
Donna DeRuyter $53.00 Good luck to all, I do hope you get to finish this marathon Stuart.
Stuart Giles $5,300.00 Go you EPIC GOOD thing Zib! From all at the Epic Good Foundation
Matt and kelly Foote $530.00
Anonymous $31.80 Good luck Zib!
Carmel Monaghan $530.00 Good luck Zib
Tony Rogers $530.00 All the best for Tokyo and the Epic Ride around APY
Aaron Davison $20.00 Good luck!
Natasha Colbourne $21.20 Awesome!!!
Peter White $500.00 Inspired by your generosity of spirit to do something very useful for your community. Good luck and safe riding! Best regards Peter White
Kate Simpson $265.00 Run and ride like the wind!!! Love what you are doing.
Anonymous $37.10 You’ll get there. Excellent work.
Anonymous $31.80
Karen Ashford $31.80 pedal well Zib - your efforts are an inspiration for generations to come!
Anonymous $53.00
shem guthrie $31.80
Christine Elsasser $21.20 How inspiring! Thank you!
Anonymous $53.00
deborah gough $106.00 I lived & worked in Mimili Iwantja in the early 1980s - I will never forget the generosity of spirit I was shown. Thank you for all that you do ??
Alan Shields $21.20
Anonymous $106.00
Joanne Hoareau $31.80
Andrew Edwards-Armstrong $106.00
Marilyn Reid $53.00 Great project, Zib - good luck with the ride, and with the ongoing future of the gym.
Hawthorn Football Club $1,060.00 Good luck Zib from all your mates at Hawthorn Football Club!
Marjo Stroud $53.00 Fantastic! Power to your pedals Zib!!
Christine Fraser $53.00 Best of luck Zib x
Robyn Cooper $53.00 Love your effort Zib! Good luck and ride safe.
Molly Mersh $53.00 Goodluck!! Great to see you sharing the message of health and fitness with the community and now Zaachariaha will have some where to train when he is home!! ??
Bruce Underwood $106.00 Hey Zibeon - great project - I hope you smash the ride and spread some of your passion to those tjitji on the way!
Anonymous $53.00 Keep Healthy Mimili Mob
Alfred Stackhouse $21.20
Christine Bennett $31.80 Stay healthy and happy... GREAT work in supporting the community to maintain wellness.
Kim Gates $53.00
Cyndi COLE $106.00 go Zibeon
Erin Fitzner $10.60
Christie Barber $50.00
Jemma Anderson $265.00
Justine Martin $21.20 May your dream of building a community gym come to fruition. Big respect, Justine
Viv Graney $25.00
Anonymous $21.20
Ann-Maree Chandler $53.00 it takes great men to make great change - great work Zibeon
Greg Borchers $265.00 Fantastic person and fantatic project for Mimili
Lisa Waters $53.00 Go Zibeon !!
Samuel Webster $53.00 Awesome effort!
Karen Harding $21.20 Love your passion for your community. I pray for a safe journey through your beautiful country, and not too many flat tyres!
Lauren Gilmour $10.60 An excellent initiative! Hope you reach the goal and get that much needed Gym !
Tasman Strachan $106.00
Mo Billy $21.20
Johanna Kemplay-Hill $26.50
Ross Coleman $53.00 So satisfying to know that we can support a dedicated, determined athlete to help people on the APY Lands improve their lives, through better health and fitness facilities. Go're a legend!
Piers Mussared $106.00 Go Zib! Let's do this!
Stacy Hughes $53.00 On ya Zib!!! The word "inspiration" does not adequately describe you!! Looking forward to watching this epic adventure, as I did with all your previous endeavours.