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Event Schedule
Monday 15th – Sunday 21st April 2019

The bike ride is approximately 700kms around the Anangu Pitjantjatjara Yankunytjatjara Lands. The Start date is the Monday 15th April from Indulkana Community through to Kenmore Park where riders will sleep the first night. The next day is from Kenmore to Ernabella then via the Mulga Bore back-track onto Amata Community where riders will stay on the second night. The third day is a complete REST (no ride). The fourth day the group will ride to Pipalyatjara (Pip), covering a distance of approximately 200km. The fifth day will be another complete REST (no ride). At 3am on the sixth day support crews will drive with riders back to the Amata/Pip turnoff where group will ride through to Fregon. Camp overnight in Fregon. The final day of the ride gets back into Mimili on the Sun 21st where the group will celebrate with the community. 


In each community the group will engage with Elders/Indigenous leaders/locals in various areas along the route, there will be community bbqs organised and activities arranged to promote benefits of health and well-being, mainly targeting children.


Zibeon will visit the local schools for 30mins to talk about healthy lifestyle choices (exercising and healthy diet), benefit of education and importance of school attendance.  There may also be health checks conducted with the children.


Zibeon plans to showcase his documentary Running 62 and is organising screening for each community.


Bike Palya, have donated 15 bikes, for children at each community to join Zibeon and the group of riders, for approx. 10km, as they leave one community and head toward the next location.




Day: 1 April 15th (Start)

Indulkana via Mimili to Kenmore Park

(camp: 1)


Day: 2 April 16th

Kenmore Park via Mulga Bore to Amata

(camp: 2-3)


Day: 3 April 17th

REST DAY (1) in Amata


Day: 4 April 18th

Amata to Pipalyatjara

(camp: 4-5)


Day: 5 April 19th

REST DAY (2) in Pipalyatjara


Day: 6 April 20th

Amata/Pipalyatjara turnoff to Fregon

(camp: 6)


Day: 7 April 21st (Finish)

Fregon to MIMILI